On Sunday’s I find myself bustling among small rivulets of River Krishna, sunshine, and freedom.

River Krishna and I entertain a secret affinity. Week after week I keep returning to its magical shores, blue tickling waters. Not to disappoint me every week I’m presented with renewed bliss, clashing colors, and different swell and bright patterns. Whenever I step on its banks, I find the beauty of the river never goes out of fashion.

As I look at the boundless river and its currents rushing down forever. I got drawn to many tiny things, the flow carries along, that I like to click. I turn my lens to drifting small shrubs, a twig flickering creating a miniature current close to it.

Colorful fishing boats tethered at the bank, frolicking kids rocking in sparkling whirls not too far away from the shore. I look at the colorful world in itself only a camera lens and the person standing behind it could cherish.

The grumble of sweeping waters sounds fascinating; its flow has grace and power. And for me – it plays a role of a healer.

River Krishna in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

River and Boats

River, Boats and Barrage


River, Rail Bridge and Summer time

Man and River

People playing with water

Swimming in River Krishna

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