1. Smartphones have become an indispensable feature of this self-indulgent group of adolescents’ personality. We find them on the streets, lanes, on scooters, cycles, walking with groups of friends; or alone in a partially lit empty corner, sharing tea, college corridors, in canteens, and in malls. You name a place, and we stumble upon smartphones’ glowing, and behind them, we find as omnipresent as the phones the dynamic youthfulness chatting endlessly.
  2. Chatting into a mobile phone while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on our poorly maintained roads and unruly traffic. Its parent’s everyday cautions and instructions that have to be ringing around teens whenever they are on the move with mobiles and on their vehicles.
  3. Parents have to learn to be more intelligent than their young adults about the smartphones usage and its various options, especially hidden features. The rule is you have to be one step ahead of them. More phone savvy.
  4. Teach them clear cell phone usage rules; explain the responsible and proper way of cell phone conduct and control; like not listening to music, no chatting or checking text messages while on driving.
  5. Remember, parents are always this age young gang’s best safety coaching experts. Please make sure you use parental care and influence. It’s is best security blessing you could provide for their well-being and protection.
  6. Continued instructions, cautioning and coaching by the parents, even though, not heeded, about the cell phone etiquette, and safe driving, is the responsibility of the guardians.
  7. A timely, responsible, preventive and censurable advice to our sweet-sixteens’ is worth perhaps, in preventing a thousand heartaches to near and dear.