1. The most difficult task that evokes a lot of awkwardness, and that keeps worried the parents is the dilemma between the children and parents, ‘how to communicate with them’ or simply put ‘how to talk with them.’
  2. Parents have to train themselves or learn earnestly few specific skills that will keep the channels of communication open, healthy, and candid between parents and children. By all means, to avoid conflicts and strengthening rather than creating a tensioned state of affairs.
  3. If better seeds of relationship and understanding are sown when the child is young; then, parents are likely to reap a healthy, acceptable yielding in the form of sympathetic affinity and nearness from the child when he grows up. This is the simple principle to be understood by the parents regarding how to improve the communication between a parent and child.
  4. The central feature of communication with the children is the degree of respect with which we speak to them. The language of acceptance we choose to guide them. And the parents’ dialogue should aim to invite them to accept but not reject our requests to reach them.
  5. Never induct in conversations with the children words that blame, shame, insult, preaching, sarcasm, teasing, threatening, bribing, humiliation. They only desensitize the children besides create deep cracks in our bonds and relationships that would stand as demons in future as they grow up.
  6. Parents have to identify the difference between the situation and the personality. Single out the situation, analyze the problem and help to solve it. But never irritate abuse, the personality. Parents have to learn how to apply patience, fineness, and expertness under day-to-day stress. And proceed to speak out in acceptable language to children if effective communication between both the parties to be established. Tackle the problem but spare the person is the rule to remember.
  7. The everyday language we employ with our children, if not pleasant enough or tuned correctly in to include and build useful and meaningful relationships, it may be due to: Let me quote Dr.Haim G. Ginott, the renowned American Psychologist, “The tragedy of ‘communication’ lies, not in the lack of love, but lack of respect; not in the lack of intelligence, but in the lack of skill.”

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