In India, parenting education significance is recognized by few. Parenting methods are mere ‘hand me downs’ – an inherited package we get from our parents and in turn, they got from their own!  Loosely held, vaguely inferred, hardly challenged ‘bringing up our children’ strategies; with which many plan to provide parental care for their wards.

To help as a supplement to their well-laid plans and preparation to foster their kids, I wish to add a few parenting tips every week.

  1. The child’s feelings are more important than our rigid rules, principles, and priorities.
  2. More than love that we proclaim we have in abundance, what children require daily is small doses of helpful attitude – getting down to their level of perception with which they see experiences related to them.
  3. Communication with the children should include plain, simple language and no adult language. No accusations or harsh words when the child found in a dull mood. In such situations, empathy is the vitamin needed for a child.
  4. Avoid name-calling if the child is found lax in parental expectations. Parents’ motto: Anger yes; Abuse no. Express anger without insult not to damage the child’s fragile self-image.
  5. The child becomes what he is repeatedly told he is. Never predict and project unpleasant scenarios for your children. It may create a poor image of them, and they might strive to live likewise now and in future.
  6. Children need guidance, not criticism, they need listening not loud advice, and they need closeness, not coldness: in word and deed.
  7. Learning traditions and values by watching and listening to discussions on media shows, and social media is impractical and little is absorbed by the family as a whole. TV’s and social media can never replace a responsible parent. They can’t educate our children. Imparting values is the exclusive domain of two responsible parents.

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