Splashes of sunset


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Once the Sun dipped behind the trees, the afterglow colours of scarlet, deep orange, threw the shades on the sea, the slow tide, and on the frothy damp sands. For a while I stood watching the sparkling colours of bright vermillion on the small waves tickling my feet.

I walked slowly leaving behind my camera fastened on the tripod my eyes drifted at the magnificent hues of teasing orange colours. I was stuck hypnotised at the power of the sinking sun how it dictated the sky with its intense tones.

Orange haze splashing the horizon, the seabed now shimmered with reflecting a mix of cloudy white and amber tints. It’s time I have to quickly come out of this illusion to click the pictures before the magical brilliance of sunset melts into pale duskiness.

Splashes of sunset

Splashes of sunset

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