The grandparents are a sublime group of generation uncorrupted by the present day digital age influence of the compact and calculated lifestyles. The grandparent’s unhurried pace and wisdom go a long way to teach values and culture that help the growth of a healthy self-image, and mental make-up that can be started at an early age to the children. This is the advantage the present crop of children can enjoy when tended and trained by grandparents with their well-endowed sageness.

The wisdom and coaching tempered by a vast wealth of practical experience could be a model and well-spring for the children. The affinity with the grandparents fosters the children to interact freely and fearlessly to enrich their academic sustenance. This could spark in them an enthusiasm that can very well reinforce in the children a promise that the grandparents are willing to provide a fresh air of guidance when the current day schooling system is literally choking them as if they are trapped in a pressure cooker.

Parents directly or indirectly and often emotionally intimidate their children when they fail to rise to their expectations. Every day the dilemma a child is thrown into; because of this uncompromising approach by the parents, they never can gather enough nerve or language to relate their difficulties to the parents. The role of the grandparents in this scenario can be as facilitators and can step into a role as a synergistic function and comforting counsel for the children and also provide besides, the required reprieve to the parents.

The healthiness of the graceful affection of the grandparents, the ethereality of their adoration, the solemnity of their obligation is the manna and melodious nourishment for hale and hearty upbringing of any child. This is the legacy only grandparents experienced enough, can grant to our children.

Children need a proper atmosphere in which to grow and discover their dormant potential. Grandparents are the fortunate presence in our children lives who take time to look into and ignite that spark; warmly surrounding the children with their sympathetic touch, a kind word, a listening ear and little act of caring. This is what makes the children appreciate a blessed and fantastic initiation from their early days.

Grandparents are the best playmates for our children. The presence of grandparents in the family can teach discipline, social skills and afford emotional and social safety to our children. They also play a role of confidants where the children feel safe for them to turn to in times of stress as a trusted adult.

“Grandparents are extremely rich folks with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts”   – Mamur Mustapha.

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