This is a really tough question to address ourselves as parents. What are the expectations of children from parents’? What are the promises they want from parents’?

  1. I want my parents to think I’m an important person. I want them to see me as an individual having my own thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.
  2. I want my parents to be friendly, use acceptable language, show special care and spend a good time with me.
  3. I want my parents to take my wishes and needs in all seriousness.
  4. I don’t want my parents to withhold care, attention, and love because I’m not up to their personal expectations. They must see me as a remarkable individual because they like me but must not be linked to my grades and performance.
  5. I want my parents to work continuously toward the happiness involving all the members of the family. For us, time and attention are more important than gifts and money.
  6. I want my parents to know about our feelings, emotions. Understand our weaknesses and appreciate our strengths. And respect the difference between them.
  7. I want my parents to help understand me as a person and have a sense of belonging and a secured feeling as unique one in the family.

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