1. The key part of the parenting activity is the attitude with which we treat our children. This attitude defines how competent we are in our roles as parents. There is a behavioural correlation between a parent’s attitude and the child’s character.
  2. Anger is one emotion any parent has to be watchful about that it doesn’t get out of our control. I guess all of us are aware that anger when not in limits the worst of our behavior would come out.  Our angry outbursts at our children are like surgical knives; they hurt, run deep and create permanent scars.
  3. The most noticed practice we find in many parents who run on the short fuse is: they yell at first and repent later. They, with their volatile moods, damage the delicate minds first and later search for amends to repair the loss. Further, they are unaware that a child may imitate the same trait. Like when he is frustrated or troubled he doesn’t have a mechanism to calm down or to control it.
  4. Calming our hot tempers, managing and restraining our urge to shout and scream is a learnable attitude to the parents and a teachable habit essentially the child has to develop when he is growing up.
  5. It is not like saying that, whenever the parents find the children throwing tantrums, unyielding, aggressive and behaves recklessly; the parents have to show a saintly patience. I never say that we should display outward calm when we are boiling inside; furious with high-handedness of our child. The modest method is to let-off the anger in small controlled outbursts before it makes a beast out of you.
  6. When it comes to our child display of angry outbursts when interacting with you or other family members, the problem may be a relationship issue. The child may need something else, but doesn’t know how to express it! Therefore, when we observe the negative manners. It is certainly a parenting issue. An angry child is a discouraged child.
  7. Parents have to learn not to insult or diminish the child’s self-image with their angry moods and damaging tempers. Providing help to the child how to eliminate his unacceptable defiance there are more chances that it would create enjoyable interactions among all family members. A pious prescription for a peaceful home.

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